Civil War

Season: 2

Episode: 17

Production Code: AM-117

First Air Date: April, 5 1999

Director: Billy Dickson

Writer: David E. Kelley

# of Times Richard said Bygones: 2

Guest Stars:

Jesse L. Martin as Dr. Greg Butters
Maria Pitillo as Paula Hunt
Carmen Argenziano as Harry Wah Anson Mount as Kevin Wah Gibby Brand as Judge McKough Kurt Fuller as Bernard Marsh Robert Costanzo as George Chism


We open with a gathering of the men, drinking after-hours in Richard's office. Billy and Richard discuss Ally's tongue type, while John interjects with his pathetic story of licking a date's hearing aid right out of her ear. You get the feeling they ran short time-wise this week and added this as filler, there's no other explanation.

Onto actual story related subject matter, Nelle meets with a perspiration challenged client, George Chisolm, who is in trouble with the IRS for charity money that was without his knowledge filtered into a cash-value life insurance policy. The self-confessed sweat-phobic is not one to suffer alone, she enlists Ling to help her out.

More far-fetched legalese: Ally represents Paula Hunt, a woman who felt deceived by Kevin Wah, because in order to get closer to her he logged in as a woman in a chat room to learn all of her likes and dis-likes. A horrible misuse of the term date-rape but nonetheless, the trial moves on. Anyway, Harry Wah, Kevin's father, is a wealthy client so the firm is controlling both sides of this sticky situation. Ally v. Georgia, it should get interesting.

Meanwhile, unable to avoid a face to face meeting with the IRS agent, Nelle and Ling held their noses, and painted lineament oil on George in hopes of creating something more reminiscent of the Sahara than the Nile. Things go badly, George waves his hand during the meeting and sweat hits Ling in the face, prompting her to scream. Eventually, Nelle heeds Ling's advice, lets down her Godiva style hair and appeals to the agent's basest instincts, George is let off the hook.

Barbie V. Skipper: The fantasy sequence, pretty much says it all as Georgia and Ally's heads become hissing cats. In court, Georgia makes a point of saying that everyone embellishes a little on a date and a few other things that make Ally feel as though she's being attacked.

Things get even more heated in the uni-sex when Georgia 'accidentally' bumps into Ally and a fight escalates. The episode quickly degenerates into the gorgeous ladies of wrestling as Ally climbs atop the stalls, and dive-bombs Nelle and Ling. The men come in and break-up the fight, probably wishing that hadn't arrived so fashionably late.

While waiting for the doctor to make an appearance (Ally has a boo-boo above her eye), Richard brags to the lawyer that his 'brilliant' closing brought Paula and Kevin back together.

Oh, these kooky coincidences, Doctor Greg Butters appears to tend to Ally's wounds; after explaining that her extracurricular kiss has a loaded meaning, he gives her an agonizing shot.

AM-117 1999 Almost Human

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