The Green Monster

Season: 2

Episode: 21

Production Code: AM-221

First Air Date: May, 10 1999

Director: Micheal Schultz

Writer: David E. Kelley

# of Times Richard said Bygones: 1

Guest Stars:

Antonio Sabato Jr. as Kevin Wyatt
Jesse L. Martin as Dr. Greg Butters
Enya Flack as Kimba
Sara Botsford as Attorney Post
Denis Arndt as Michael Mannix
Christine Estabrook as Mrs. Mannix
Albert Hall as Judge Walsh


Didn't we all know that Ling, expert attorney, hairdresser, dancer, etc; would be much better equipped to handle Ally's love life than the diminutive lawyer herself?

John and Richard act as co-council for Bonnie Mannix who hopes to land a counterclaim against her husband Michael for emotional distress, since he's suing her for destruction of property. The counterclaim is denied.

Marital discord runs rampart as Billy notices other men in the office ogling his wife Georgia. Naturally Ling designed the knockout dress that clings and curves in all the wrong places as far as her husband is concerned. Georgia, metamorphosis in full swing, even pretends that she's going to undress in front of everyone when Billy demands she change. Poor Billy didn't realize she could change more than her wardrobe.

Ling is so in-tune that she even understands Ally's loopy behavior, most recently her penchant for breaking into song, obviously it's all about the doctor. Ling has a plan and an escort agency that can solve all of the lawyer's problems.

Kevin Wyatt (in the sizzling form of Antonio Sabato Jr.) arrives on the scene as a male escort who is just the ticket to make Greg jealous. Now, if Ally is so busy fancying herself consuming Kevin's entire head in a kiss, one can't help asking, Greg who?

Inside the courtroom, details begin to unravel as Michael Mannix, the wronged husband, explains that Bonnie maliciously dropped his beloved grand piano onto his beloved Porsche, this however, took place after Bonnie, the wronged wife, discovered her husband had been with another woman. Billy might want to hide his valuables, if he reads these transcripts, and think twice about admonishing Georgia's svelte enhancing dresses.

The Sting: Renee and Ally throw a very-belated thirty-fifth birthday party for John in lieu of an excuse to invite Greg Butters out on the town so that Ally can make his brown eyes green. However, The Biscuit is so busy trying to work out a settlement, that the revelers must go to the bar without the guest of honor.

Greg shows up looking very content with long-limbed Kimba, a stunner by anyone's standards. Just doing his job, Kevin pulls Ally up on stage as they sing a strained yet nice version of 'All I Have To Do Is Dream.' Ling believes it works as Greg looks a touch pallid, until he gets vengeance by performing his own Broadway perfect ditty with the model date, 'Your Precious Love.' Feeling particularly brave Georgia also takes center stage, big mistake, she sounds like an injured animal.

As for the jealousy plot it seemed to have done the trick, as the good doctor asks Ally out for coffee. You'd need loads of caffeine around this bore too. Good news and bad news: Ally actually does have a pulse, admitting she's genuinely attracted to Kevin, too bad there's a rule against dating escort clients. They kiss, so Ally can try on the best thing since cashmere.

John Cage has to head back into court when a settlement cannot be reached, true to form his closing is as persuasive as those George Foreman Grill advertisements. While Bonnie Mannix doesn't officially win, she can be consoled with only orders her to pay thirty-five cents.

The episode closes with Georgia confessing that she's afraid of becoming boring, Billy assures her otherwise, and he should know, promising to remind her often how fascinating she is. I don't know, maybe there's hope for this guy yet.

AM-221 1999 Almost Human

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