I Know Him By Heart

Season: 2

Episode: 23

Production Code: AM-223

First Air Date: May, 24 1999

Director: Jonathan Pontell

Writer: David E. Kelley

# of Times Richard said Bygones: 1

Guest Stars:

Wendy Worthington as Margaret Camaro
Michael Badalucco as Jimmy Berluti
Gerry Becker as Attorney Stone
Al Green as himself


Ally informs Renee that her 'heart is a gigantic stress factor,' but not to worry cause now instead of just sitting idolly by she joins in when ever the Al Green numbers start up and that she's going to stay where life is beautiful, not with Roberto Benigni, the sanctity of her room..

With Richard (huh?) and Renee's encouragement, the roommates decide to embark on a sort of date-a-thon despite of the fact that Ally now believes the man of her dreams doesn't exist.

When Ally finally reaches the office she asks Ling for a makeover in a round about way simply stating "do me." A Three's Company scale misunderstanding ensues wherein Ling believes the lawyer to be a lesbian.

Margaret Camero, feminist and accused lesbian returns, with a case for Ally and John. Seems Ally is not the only one with a ticking clock, she wants to have a baby but her insurance company doesn't cover fertilization. Attorney Stone says they've paid to fertilize single mothers before, but don't want to get in the habit, that's what men are for.

When her attempts at meeting men in all the usual haunts fail miserably, Ally allows Ling to parade a variety of GQ worthy specimens in front of her. Ally ends up rejecting them all, not wanting anyone who would be involved in such a cattle call.

Nelle notes how close The Biscuit and Ally are; and John explains to Ally that their cosmic connection runs deeper than the law, he used to fantasize as a boy about pitching a no-hitter in an imaginary Little League. Back in the uni-sex, Elaine tries to 'comfort' a visibly upset Nelle by hopping into the stall with her, needless to say the ice queen is less than melting.

Later, Nelle and John discuss their wants in a relationship, she wants someone different (no problem there) and he wants someone to love Barry White. Ain't love grand? They seal it with a kiss.

As the second season fades to black, we see a forlorn Ally going round and round on a carousel, so very much alone. She really desperately needs to meet Jack Wagner next year, wonder if Ling knows him?

AM-223 1999 Almost Human

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