Pursuit of Loneliness

Season: 3

Episode: 13

Production Code: #3M13

First Air Date: February 21, 2000

Writer: David E. Kelley

Director: Jonathan Pontell

# of Times Richard said Bygones: 0

Guest Stars:

Mark Feuerstein as Judge Hammond Dearing
Gina Philips as Sandy
Richard Topol as Evan Stevens
Pamela Warren as Lisa Treadway
Rosemary Forsyth as Judge Graves
Eric Christmas as Judge Morrison
Eric & Steve Cohen as the dancing twins
John Maynerd as a clerk


To say one thing for this show, it certainly knows how to ride that fine line between social distortion and social commentary.

Let’s start with that sad-sack Billy and his perpetuating the myth that a boss/secretary pairing is a given. This just doesn’t work on so many soap opera doctor/nurse levels; not the least of which is Sandy has about as much depth as a Jessica Simpson tune.

Shouldn’t Billy just exit, since we know it’s inevitable anyway?

Sure hope you weren’t depressed over your romantic forecast before you heard Nelle and The Biscuit’s janitorial argument because it probably sent you diving for the tub of Rocky Road. Basically, if you’re an ugly woman don’t be expecting some Mr. Big to sweep you off your Payless pumps and as for guys, like Madonna sang, the boy with the cold hard cash is always Mr. Right.

Do you believe it’s impossible for an Italian suit driven Porsche to mix with a size sixteen Wal-mart greeter? Or are we all much deeper than we believe?

Boy meets girl. Girl stares daggers at boy. Boy kisses Girl. Girl dumps non-fat cappuccino on Boy’s head. Sounds like the start to a fine Harlequin drenched adversarial romance, doesn’t it?

Ally, sporting wispy bangs and power-suit red lips, met this guy who does the latté Zen thing in his spare time though actually he’s a judge (big Nelle approval) and he’s even kind of handsome cute (the nod from John). Not a dumb quirk in sight and mega-chemistry. A nice guy with energy is quite a find; after all this is a woman who stayed with the Butters’ snorefest seemingly forever.

They made a great couple for all of two minutes, however, he’s bisexual and that sickens her. Shouldn’t Ally’s Ling-experience have at least weighed on her decision a tiny bit?

Am I alone in losing some respect for Ms. McBeal, or is it simply that I’m being as single-minded as David E. Kelley’s creation?

An hour of television that made you think, I suppose that should be considered an accomplishment.

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