Prime Suspect

Season: 3

Episode: 15

Production Code: AM-315

First Air Date: March 20, 2000

Writer: David E. Kelley

Director: Rachel Talalay

# of Times Richard said Bygones: 0

Guest Stars:

Anthony Anderson as Matthew Vault
Cheryl Hawker as Mindy Platt
Robert Clendenin as Benjamin Winter
Gina Philips as Sandy
Marguerite MacIntyre as Debra
Christine Tucci as Nancy Raleigh Sicklan
Jenny Gago as Dr. Lisa Pontes
Judge Walsh: Albert Hall as Judge Seymore Walsh
Helen Eigenberg as A.D.A Kettering
Eddie Kehler as Paul Potts
Joe Hanna as a clerk
Roshumba Williams as Billy‘s illusion
Dave Coughlin as ?
Harry Danner as Hallen
Reagan Browne as police officer #1
Skip O'Brien as as police officer #2
Libby Bancroft as a technician


How could we have survived these past few years without the simplicity of Matlock? Never fear, Calista Flockhart will do her best Jessica Fletcher impression just to show the youngings what they’ve been missing.

Are these leftover table scraps from Snoops or what?

The firm once again teamed up with the four employees who lost their jobs due to their varying absurdities. Repetition Paul (because he’s a freak) was accused of murdering his boss. Nancy Drew, uh, Ally was ever so eager to take the case even though criminal law scared her to death in year one. Whatever.

Are we more prone to believing freaks capable of awful things? Michael Jackson comes to mind.

Watching John and Richard attempting to be inconspicuous while scarfing down a mountain of food may have been momentarily funny but it certainly wasn’t enough to warrant this farce. A lesbian literally comes out of the closet and conspired to murder her husband! Wow. Pretty inventive stuff. The Baywatch lesson of the week must’ve been, don’t judge a book by its cover.

However, I love where Nelle is heading, even her new couture corporate look. Backstabbing colleagues is far more like the power hungry blonde bombshell introduced last season.

Would you like to see Nelle succeed and be the boss of everyone or fail miserably? Underling Richard=great television.

Finally, Billy and the tumor must be addressed. First they presented it as comedic hallucinations seeing supermodel Roshumba as a transvestite or claymation-like versions of Georgia and Ally. Then all of a sudden there was this deadening somber moment at the end where he’s telling Georgia the diagnosis. The biggest clunker of a transition this show has ever done.

Is there really a place for tumors in comedy or are they crossing the line?

I don’t know, maybe I’m wrong, and the ‘who done it’ era should be reinvigorated. Who doesn’t ache for the day when we can see Matlock and Barney Fife going for prostate exams in between locating the most convenient of clues?

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