Two’s A Crowd

Season: 4

Episode: 03

Production Code: AM-403

First Air Date: November 06, 2000

Writer: David E. Kelley

Director: Rachel Talalay

# of Times Richard said Bygones: 0

Guest Stars:

William Russ as Micheal
Michael Vartan as Jonathan
Lisa Edelstein as Cindy
Matt Malloy as Spickett
Jill Holden as Wanda
Terry Urdang as Andrea
Robert Briscoe Evans as Atty. Walter Emerson
Christopher Hutson as Maitre D
Micheal Albala as Goofball
Florence Henderson as Shirley


If you live long enough there’s not one self-help book you won’t need to use, maybe all in one hour.

Ling and Nelle tag-teamed for Wanda; her husband couldn’t pack fast enough after she attended a "How to Satisfy Your Man" seminar. Wanda wanted to sue Shirley (Florence Henderson) for defamation of marriage. Sadly even a shrill Kathie Lee style anthem dedicated to fetching your love machine’s slippers (Elaine found it rockin’) wasn’t enough to make the case.

Nelle is fiercely independent, shouldn’t she have been angrier with Shirley’s caveman enabling?

Ling gave lectures on male snares as well, such as the scent of crisp bills as aphrodisiac while her prey Richard ran around making a nuisance of himself with the best of intentions.

Would you like to see more of Richard and Ling the couple as opposed to them just talking about it?

As for Fish’s big dilemma, he spread it around like wildfire, psst...Cindy’s got a penis, pass it on. Cindy, if you’ll remember, is the beauty that Mark ’s smitten with. Her struggle of conscience prompted an oh, so close dance of revelation. It was worth a thousand words, and apparently Mark’s okay with all of them.

Is Mark’s personality defined enough for us to care about his relationship with another newcomer?

Meanwhile, Ally’s dipping her slender frame back in the dating pool. Lawyer Michael is a guy so gray his social security is assured, but hey, he has a blessed smile and does hip, happening things with Neil Diamond’s Sweet Caroline (different strokes...). If that wasn’t bliss enough suddenly the world is a Cosmo smorgasbord of hot young men including Jonathan, fated to meet our Cinderella via the wrong restaurant table. As her luck would have it, these two prospective Mr. McBeal’s share more than law degrees; they’re father and son.

Is Ally more compatible with security (Michael) or a guy of an age to understand the intricacies of Scooby Doo (Jonathan)? Or should she spend every minute with bated breath waiting for Larry (Robert Downey Jr.) to make his move?

To be continued....

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