Love on Holiday

Season: 4

Episode: 07

Production Code: AM-407

First Air Date: December 04, 2000

Writer: David E. Kelley, Alicia Martin & Barb Macintosh

Director: Bethany Rooney

# of Times Richard said Bygones: 0

Guest Stars:

Robert Downey Jr. as Larry Paul
Jamie Gertz as Kimmy Bishop
Marlo Thomas as Lynnie Bishop
Lisa Edelstein as Cindy
John Michael Higgins as Milter
Francesca P. Roberts as Judge Cynthia Harris
Boyd Kestner as Dr. Barrett
Jason Marsden as Daniel
John Moschitta Jr. as Auctioneer
Marc Brett as Paul
Joe Colligan as Atty. Ronald Spaner


Will a real man please stand up so Elaine can grab him? First there’s former clerk Daniel a.k.a Little Peanut who sued Elaine for sexual harrassment basically because she wouldn’t harrass him. Along with unbeatable Larry, Mark swept it under the rug but couldn’t handle the woman or her racy electronic bra. What’s his problem? It’s not like it was one of those singing fish.

Wasn’t losing self-righteous Mark the best thing that ever happened to Elaine?

Love on the auction catwalk was no stroll with destiny either unless you count Ling’s on-going affair with her five-figure worthy self. The Fish was a-flopping when a barrage of men vied for him, a lesson in homophobia cooked up by Cindy, that other Mark unworthy.

Richard and Elaine had stellar days compared to Nelle. Dr. Paul’s bid unlocked Nelle’s defrost button revealing her inner Cinderella by way of Rapunzel. Faster than she could lose her glass slipper, Paul got all Froggy and was sentenced to life in prison for euthanasia.

Which Nelle is preferable, ice queen or romantic princess?

Romance was front burner for Ally, as she and Larry’s courtship continued at it’s lovely Jane Austin pace. Witty repartee, swaying to the music and a home cooked dinner for two. Sigh.

Nothing new there (kind of a good thing) though aren’t Ally’s long bangs a vast improvement over her previous lawn mower cut?

Larry was also busy entertaining nearly everyone at the bar except a sensitive John. Already feeling freakish over dating Kimmy with tag along Lynnie, hearing Springsteen’s lyrics confirm his suspicion did not help. Ultimately fragile Kimmy couldn’t dump mommy so The Biscuit double-dumped.

Should John have been patient like Ally or did he make the right choice?

The season of joy and light just wouldn’t be complete without that hand in glove sensation of heartache and pain. Who coined that Happy Holidays phrase anyway?

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