Reasons to Believe

Season: 4

Episode: 09

Production Code: AM-409

First Air Date: January 08, 2001

Writer: David E. Kelley

Director: Ron Lagomarsino

# of Times Richard said Bygones: 0

Guest Stars:

Robert Downey Jr. as Larry Paul
Anne Heche as Melanie West
Paul Dooley as Nicholas Engbloom
Anne Haney as Brandy Engbloom
Albert Hall as Judge Seymore Walsh
Jan Hoag as Witness
Luck Hari as Dr. Kashin
Richard McGonagle as Prosecutor
Gregg Daniel as Doctor
David Swift Brengle as Foreman
Renne Goldsberry as Singer
Vatrena King as Singer
Sy Smith as Singer
Loretta Jean as Senior Supreme
Pauline H. Jones as Senior Supreme
Sylvia Davis Shaw as Senior Supreme


For anyone who doesn’t know why Anne Heche and Robert Downey Jr. are famous enough to be tabloid favorites-

Esteemed and retired lawyer Nicholas Engbloom brought a case to his little buddy John. Melanie West (Anne Heche) ran over her boyfriend and backed up for good measure, or so everyone thought. Being simpatico with John, their synchronized ticks enabled Mel to admit that her turret's caused the accident, she just was afraid everyone would think she was pathetic.

After the not guilty verdict, Melanie asked out John, do you like their chemistry?

His mentor Nicholas inspired John, precisely because he hopes to never become him. Nicholas is the rock star of attorneys, a Jagger elder statesman defined by his performance to the point of not knowing how to be himself. His wife Brandy threatened divorce due to his chronic working habits.

Which lawyer in the firm is most in need of a life outside the office?

Ally got assurances from her beloved Larry that his eyes will always be more on her than the law, when Brandy hired him. Larry’s getting dreamier by the minute between dancing with the older woman and his vigil at her bedside after a heart attack (which led to a reconciliation for the couple), getting over Billy is going to be a piece of cake by comparison.

Were you disappointed that Ally and Larry’s first time happened off-screen or was it a nice change that she didn’t fret about it?

Speaking of first times, Mark was worried that Elaine’s rep would supercede him in bed so he turned to expert lover Richard, who turned to Nelle’s advice that women want R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Richard added some Viagra as well.

They danced happily ever after, except for perennial soloists Nelle and Renee, but since they’ve struck guest star gold twice so far, maybe the third charm will be Taye Diggs for one of them.

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