Boys Town

Season: 4

Episode: 14

Production Code: AM-414

First Air Date: February 19, 2001

Writer: David E. Kelley

Director: David Grossman

# of Times Richard said Bygones: 0

Guest Stars:

Robert Downey Jr. as Larry Paul
Anne Heche as Melanie West
Taye Diggs as Jackson Duper
Fred Willard as Dr. Harold Madison
Kelly Lynch as Gloria Albright
Mary-Pat Green as Judge Julia "Bulldog" Brattle
Bradley White as Mathew Mackey
Renee Goldberry as a singer
Vatrena King as a singer
Sy Smith as a singer
John Duerler as Jury Foreman


Pathetic people unite! Forget Dr. Laura, Dr. Ally has even kissed a girl!

The arrival of Jackson Duper (Taye Diggs) continues to have the firm in a tizzy. Richard and John hit the sitcom legendary point where they ought to string up a sheet to split the office in half. But this isnít the Brady hey-day, itís the couch trip era. So, after a toddler-esque tiff over a ball glove Mel suggested that they visit couples therapist Fred Willard. They discovered that when they inevitably get dumped they are all each other will have. Yeah, that could drive a person insane.

Isnít it time that Richard and John sought lives outside the firm? Have they ever met a woman outside?

Speaking of lack of life, Mark, he of high and mighty fame believes that women should be void of lust, like itís a choice when Jacksonís in the room. Anyway, Elaineís trying to comply because taking all this guyís nastiness is her version of a real relationship. And, when one says nastiness, I mean he made a crack about Larry moving to Detroit, when all Ally was trying to do was use her Dear Abby coping mechanism.

Should Mark be flushed down Johnís bowl or are his comments perfectly agreeable?

Always a show built for equal opportunity sexual discrimination, Jacksonís new client Gloria Albright (Kelly Lynch) fired all the men of her firm for much the same reason that Mark wanted to fire Elaine as his girlfriend. Duper pointed out that even the women in the courtroom were a source of distraction, much to their dislike; well, Renee kind of dug it, and Ling wore a J-Lo inspired suit, so who was she to talk. The case culminated in a draw.

Jacksonís crush on Ling is still going so strong that on the rebound (a refused dinner invite) he went out with Renee and swore that he is so over the past. Believe that like you believe that Renee is finally getting a storyline.

Should Ling give Jackson a second shot or just ship him off to Renee?

The Jackson/Ling thing is intriguing but Ally McBeal still lights up the most (even if itís a ten second hallucination) when Larry pops up on screen. Prada couldnít design a better accessory for a lawyer gal.

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