Cloudy Skies, Chance of Parade

Season: 4

Episode: 20

Production Code: AM-420

First Air Date: April 30, 2001

Writer: David E. Kelley

Director: Billy Dickson

# of Times Richard said Bygones: 1

Guest Stars:

Sting as himself
Robert Downey Jr. as Larry Paul
Taye Diggs as Jackson Duper
Paul Reubens as Lewis
Cheri Oteri as Melissa
Jim Bailey as Harold Dale (Streisand impersonator)
Albert Hall as Judge Seymore Walsh
John Michael Higgins as Milter
Regina Hall as Corretta
Christopher Neiman as Mathers
Cindy Margolis as herself
Scott Klace as Dr. Hobbie
Sy Smith as lead singer
Renee Goldberry as a singer
Cynthia Calhoun as a singer


Happy 30th Birthday Ally McBeal! Hmm, that sounds suspiciously like an oxymoron.

Good Brit Candy in a moment, first we must address the everyday blah, blah, blahness of firm life. If youíve seen Scream 2 you know that even fatabulous Nelle has had, shall we say, an awkward phase, so maybe thatís why she so selflessly related to a female impersonator who wanted to be Babs mighty badly until he had to live with her nose. Or perhaps she just didnít want to be a doofus like nose phobic John.

Do you think the show should quit focusing so much on the client and delve deeper into the underdeveloped regulars?

Speaking of underdeveloped, nearly all are in one big romantic labyrinth. Elaine and Jackson decided on a steamy duet to steal Allyís birthday thunder (or at least her little black cloud). And, Richard on Allyís advice went shopping to win back Ling, and came back with Cindy Margolis. Ling's jealousy spiked to new horizons when Cindy combined with the fact that Jackson hadnít been chaste with Renee.

Is Ling wrong to be mad or was it more wrong for Jackson to sleep with Renee when he claims he was pining for Ling all along?

Steam was rising from Allyís overwrought head as well when it looked like Larry wasnít going to make it to her shindig. Actually more than that, when you see geriatric dancing babies you know itís not going to be one of the better days.

Ally has it all (at least for now) is her wallowing a bit much, even by Ally standards?

Larry had a fine reason for his tardiness since naturally Mr. Sting (you know, that Blue Turtles tantric guy) doesnít retain a tawny barrister; he needed the lawyering of someone with only one associate (Corretta) hired on the spot. In the loveliest case, a husband (Paul Reubens, perfecting the hilarious evil eye of a second grader) sued the singer for making enrapturing advances towards his wife during a concert. Sadly for the rest of us, Sting is hopelessly devoted to Trudie, but he was gentlemanly enough to fake interest so his fan wouldnít feel so average.

Was Larry wrong to put his work before Ally, or do you think itís "címon, heís Sting, and heís better than Ice Cream (sort of stealing from Sarah McLachlan there)?

That Sting, heís practically Dear Abby, only really male and really good looking. He came to the party and helped Larry temporarily sweep the sullen girl off her feet with a be still my beating heart rendition of ĎEvery Breath You Take.í And, it was temporary; Ally was looking like her world died as Larry slept next to her. Waaah! That birthday radio needs to start playing an endless loop of ĎIf I Ever Lose My Faith in You.í

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