Friends and Lovers

Season: 5
Episode: 1
Production Notes: #5M01
First Air Date: October 29, 2001
Writer: David E. Kelley
Director: Bill D‘Elia
# of Times Richard said Bygones: 0

Guest Stars:
John Michael Higgins as Therapist Milter
Bruce French as Simon McAllister
Albert Hall as Judge Seymore Walsh
Boz Scaggs as himself


Season five and in a deja-vuing kind of way Ally McBeal is right back where she started even her hair returnethed to chin length and the hair is ever so important.

Much funnier than Kramer rip-offs on that Bob show, to see slight Ally roaring down the sidewalk on a scooter is a sight gag of unparallel worth, it’s like part Wicked Witch part Pee Wee Herman. It also happens to be part lethal when she plows into Jenny Shaw, her doppelganger and some Freudian thing beyond me.

Do you enjoy watching Ally watching Al- er, Jenny, or is this a joke that’s going to get moldy long before we have the pleasure of sighing Bon Jovi?

So as far as the firm goes, they’re rapidly running out of chairs in the conference room, though maybe a folding kiddie table would be in order anyway. Joining are: Coretta (remember she worked with Larry, sadness), Glenn (James Marsden of Second Noah and Kirk Cameron fame, a fine, fine pedigree), and the aforementioned Jenny.

Richard was not crazy about the last minute Ally hire of Jenny until he learned of her class action lawsuit against the phone companies for harassment. Jenny used to sit around shampooing her hair waiting for Glenn to ring only it would be some other person who didn’t really want to talk to her either without being paid, so you know, Ally mentality, she sued.

Do you think Jenny and Glenn have sparks?

All this time Ally’s telling her new therapist about her own sparks with Glenn, a guy who could be a Backstreet Boy (he lip-synched Sinatra for Jen), well, a BSB before the tall one became stubbly and wore dresses. Anyway no flickers of the Graduate variety between these two but there is potential with Jen’s ex-colleague Raymond Milbury. Ray’s the new head foe (Renee’s just gone and Larry, again, sadness), and he seems manly smitten with the law gal.

So far would you rather Ally be with Glenn, Raymond or going solo until Mr. Bad Medicine arrives?

Finally back in old school, John overheard Ally declare her love for him, naturally he believed it was kismet, naturally he’s the Biscuit and he’s wrong. Ally informed him that they make splendid pals and the color not only dropped, it thudded out of his face. All’s semi-well as the gang danced away to Boz Skaggs at the bar, woeful and lovelorn as ever.

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