Fear of Flirting

Season: 5
Episode: 4
Production Notes: #5M04
First Air Date: November 19, 2001
Writer: Roberto Benabib, Constance M. Burge & David E. Kelley
Director: Greg Germann
# of Times Richard said Bygones: 1

Guest Stars:
Roma Maffia as Julie
John Michael Higgins as Milter
Albert Hall as Judge Seymore Walsh
Anita Barone as Sarah
Sy Smith as a singer
Vatrena King as a singer
Renee Goldsberry as a singer
Lisa Renee Pitts as Baliff
Robert Joseph Morris as Mover
Mary Margaret Robinson as Foreperson


If you’ll recall last week our slender heroine chewed up the Biscuit and promptly spit him out. Okay she’d never be that harsh, but look at poor John, no; you can’t all that’s left of him is a note. Shivery Nelle is the only one who seems to care, all Richard can think of is getting the right money inducing Feng Shui as he takes over the cubby hole. John has the makings of a hit country song.

Wasn't it strange that Ally spent more time fretting over Glenn than worrying over John’s whereabouts?

A return to Ally’s non-romance later, first it’s time for case of the week mercifully starring Raymond, the most intriguing of Ally McBeal: The New Class. You know how he’s always making lewd remarks that are only attractive coming from glitzed out rock stars flirting with fifty thousand groupies? Well, he’s not doing it because he has some sort of Monaco playboy aspirations; it’s strategy to throw pretty female attorneys off their game. One such woman sued him descriptively describing terms that the FCC doesn’t find as objectionable as Victoria’s Secret jiggles (hmm).

Anyway Raymond hired Jenny for her freckle appeal and his desire to flirt with her. Laundry list: A seductive demonstration kiss minus the kiss and his irresistible way he told her that he really hired her because she’s great at her job (aww!). The great one is actually Raymond, the guy has endless charm abilities, he wound up paying a hefty seventy-five cent fine.

Certainly he’s no Simon Baker (The Guardian) but would you agree that Ray is the second most persuasive lawyer on TV? Bobby Donnell is old school and Glenn is so last week.

Though Glenn could still literally charm the pants off of Ally if they both didn’t feel so guilty all the time. The pair did take a step forward by encouraging Jenny to give Ray a shot, and she was definitely a taker once he sang a randy southern tune at the bar. Jenny and Ray’s evening ended with a steamy kiss, nice, but they just better not make him go sappy too soon, that’s a slippery slope.

Was there legitimate chemistry with Jenny and Raymond or would you rather see him with Nelle? Two newbies together and you lose track of what show you’re watching.

For now Ally’s not hooking up with anyone, she claims she’s weary that Glenn will be too one night. The better claim came when Jenny asked, where do you find a nice, funny, decent guy? Ally’s reply? Detroit. That and the final scenes of Ally all dolled up with nowhere to go as Vonda sang "I Think We’re Alone Now" were the show’s most honest so far this season. More of that please.

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