I Want Love

Season: 5
Episode: 5
Production Code: AM-505
First Air Date: November 26, 2001
Writer: David E. Kelley
Director: Michael Schultz
# of Times Richard said Bygones: 1

Songs sung by Elton:

  1. "I Want Love"
  2. "The Wasteland"
  3. "Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting"

Guest Stars:
Elton John as himself
Jacqueline Bisset as Frances Shaw
John Michael Higgins as Milter
Albert Hall as Judge Seymore Walsh
Lee Wilkof as attourney
Jeremy Garrett as Timothy Boyle
David Selby as Mr. Roar
Terry Rhoads as Mr. Furnmore
David Doty as ?
Kevin Farrell as John Pax
Missy Doty as Helen
Jerry Giles as Foreman
Kevin Dorsey as Singer


See, this week, Elton John stopped in at the bar, he does that, heís known for his intimate club dates, they help him keep it real.

Poor, poor pitiful Glenn, heís fraught over everyone seeing him as a shorter Mark Vanderloo, itís like Nelle being stuck with that hair. Actually, Glennís more boo-hooey over not being able to go to the malt shop with a forty something gal like Ally (laugh of the night from guest/Falcon Crest alum David Selby). To make matters more sore thumbish Jennyís mom Frances is flaunting her very own paste-eating beau.

Frances is one of those ageless timeless bombshells, a wattle magnet for Richard and a definite head turner for Raymond even though her daughter is now his kinda sorta girlfriend. Anyway, Frances was fired because of her cradle robbing so with Allyís help sheís suing her prudey employer (thatís where David Selby came in) and if she could sheíd sue Jenny and that little attitude of hers.

We donít know Jenny that well yet but doesnít Jacqueline Bissett seem like an odd casting choice for her mother? Maybe Cindy Williams or some other very apple pie type?

Oddness abounded over in the peopleís court with Judge Ling presiding. Letís see, there was a dull guy with a dull wax on his dull car, and a lady complaining about her wedding music so naturally that led to a live jam session (which buoyed Allyís closing on Francesí case). Oh, and Ling along with Nelle willingly played date bait as they shared a night on the town with Elaine and Coretta. Previously Iíve equated the supporting women with the Spice Girls, how prophetic since I canít recall when last I heard more than two words out of Scary either.

Lingís supposed to be gone at some point, but whom would you rather see get a big storyline, Nelle, Elaine, or Coretta?

Anyway, Allyís case worked out, Frances received buckets of money and Jenís approval, while Thin Mint (Raymondís full of gems) got confused. Elaine of all busybodies agreed with the general sentiment that Ally is a clueless fool, naming Larry as her bad judgment; leading me to hereby de- nominate Elaine from that last question. Alas, as Eltonís "I Want Love" played in the background, Ally and Glenn stood on those ubiquitous steps sharing a timid kiss.

Did the choice to use "I Want Love" as a romantic theme for Ally and Glenn feel as though they may as well have thrown a big barrel of ice water over the pair?

That Elton, heís all right, itís just that I kind of prefer that lonely guy in the video and itís not so good being reminded.

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