Lost and Found

Season: 5
Episode: 6
Production Code: AM-506
First Air Date: December 3, 2001
Teleplay: David E. Kelley
Writer: Peter Blake & David E. Kelley
Director: Mel Damski
# of Times Richard said Bygones: 1

Guest Stars:
John Michael Higgins as Milter
Albert Hall as Judge Seymore Walsh
Melinda McGraw as Nancy Gower
Holmes Osborne as Gerard
Angela Sargeant as Atty. Halpern
John K. Wilson as Waiter
Sy Smith as a singer
Vatrena King as a singer
Renee Goldsberry as a singer


The one where Ally refuses to be the girl who sleeps with every Tom, Dick, and Larry.

This one has a new case I think or maybe since it wasn’t sexual harassment my mind was playing giddy fresh tricks. So, Richard and Corretta worked together, he bumbling and she saving the day for this Anna Nicole Smith Nancy whom cashes in on geriatrics. Nancy wanted another olden but needed the judge’s nod because of her past (she got it), only it turns out the fiance man was running an undercover sting, and boo-hoo the lady had actually been in love this time. It was just all plot twisty, boggles the mind, another Sixth Sense really.

Richard’s done his purgatory on a "case" is there any female cast member he should get a story with? I vote Elaine, only with no quirky comedy.

Speaking of quirky comedy, Ling for some reason poised topless for Talk magazine and her judge show began airing. I just don’t know.

Not knowing was a theme as everyone guessed why John had left and why he’d suddenly returned. He had a nice moment with Nelle admitting they’d missed each other. He awkwardly returned to being Ally’s confidant, and he tore Richard apart for turning his hole into a Vegas showgirl’s dressing room. Later John told this story about having raced ponies at the county fair, missing the camaraderie, so he went back and then ended up missing his colleagues instead. Another thing that I just don’t know about.

As Ally asked her therapist, is John the one she should be with or has his pipe dream gone on long enough?

Clearly Ally knows her own mind she just doesn’t know it yet. Things were tense as she stopped, really stopped Glenn at the last minute and then had to endure a double date/ faux birthday party for Jenny. Both couples talked and kissed a good game until Glenn took the stage as a better-dressed Elvis crooning "Always On My Mind" and the writing was on the wall. Must admit, normally Jagger’s more my spot of tea but there was definitely some sweeping off of the feet there.

Is it a destiny thing or did Raymond and Ally give up too soon on their new loves?

I guess the answer to that was in thin mint’s last therapy session. Asked when the phone rings, what’s her first thought? Larry. That Bon Jovi man had best bring his entire arsenal of tight dirty denim, he’s going to need them.

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