Blowin' in the Wind

Season: 5
Episode: 9
Production Code: AM-509
First Air Date: January 14, 2002
Writer: Roberto Benabib, Constance M. Burge, Cindy Lichtman
Director: Rachel Talalay
# of Times Richard said Bygones: 0

Guest Stars:
Jon Bon Jovi as Victor Morrison
French Stewart as Michael Walker
John Michael Higgins as Dr. Milter
Albert Hall as Judge Seymore Walsh
Kurt Fuller as Paget
Scott Adsit as Dr. Slipp
Tia Riebling as Melissa Walker
Sy Smith as a singer
Vatrena King as a singer
Renee Goldsberry as a singer
Shirley Jordan as Nancy
Brad Kalas as Foreman


Hallelujah! (In the non-religious but similar sentiment kind of way.)

The meaning behind the above will be saved for last (like you canít guess). For now, the stuff I would have left on the cutting room floor like the guy, Allyís Client Michael Walker (French Stewart) who is so in love with his wife that every time she speaks, to him, it sounds like a song. Heís so in love that heíd spend gobs of money until he had to commit fraud in order to keep up his habit. Clearly guilty, he was found not guilty and the wife dumped him.

Jenny slept wrong so she had to use a neck brace (?). Coretta sent her to a chiropractor with an orgasmic chair, Nelle followed suit. Glenn was really jealous of the chair.

Thereís fuss over whether Marsden was fired or quit, do you think it was the character or the actor that didnít work?

Onto the ones with more buzz and staying power. The wayward wind led Ally and her cute hat to her dream house (much like Donna Reedís in Itís A Wonderful Life, only you throw a stone and hit a pretty boy rock star). Everyone, absolutely everyone, told her a house is man repellant and that sheís just trying to fill some space with it. Richard was at least kind enough (or not) to help her out by splattering paint and sanding off her walls.

Are you enjoying Richard and Allyís closer friendship? His hard truths are far more interesting than Johnís agreeableness, donít you think?

Anyway Richard made amends, got the whole gang together (the great bickering could have replaced the entire singing wife thing) to remodel the house complete with the coat rack that Ally said would make it a home. Lovely as they did, one would rather be left in the hands of a professional who looks something like Jon Bon Jovi. Victor is a Mr. Fix-it, and when he announced to smitten Ally that the "electricity" is good, well, you could just about faint right there.

Do you think Ally and Victor had immediate chemistry or should she still pine for Larry?

Larry or Victor, you still canít help but get the feeling sheíll be eating ice cream all alone in that great big house.

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