Heart and Soul

Season: 5
Episode: 15
Production Code: AM-515
First Air Date: March 4, 2002
Writer: David E. Kelley
Director: Steve Gomer
# of Times Richard said Bygones: 0

Guest Stars:
Robert Downey Jr. as Larry Paul
Hayden Panettiere as Maddie
Jon Bon Jovi as Victor Morrison
Dame Edna Everage as Claire Otoms
Graham Beckel as Feldman
Albert Hall as Judge Seymore Walsh
Lee Wilkof as Nixon
Nancy Lenehan as Principal
Ashley Johnson as Serena Feldman
Jane Sibbett as Beth


A lovely thrilling surprise smack dab in the middle...

Forgot those morons on Dawson’s Creek the real place for up coming stars seems to be the years after Growing Pains jumped the shark. We all know about Leo, but if you remember the little girl with the big hair then you remember Ashley Johnson who has turned into a great young actress.

She guested as Serena a 16-yr. old that will die if she doesn’t get her father’s heart (he’s in prison for murdering her mom). Obviously the court really can’t approve of such things but Richard and Raymond did their best, and Claire even sort of propositioned the Judge on the girl’s behalf. Anyway the father escaped and killed himself at the hospital and Serena ran the gamut of emotions before, at her Aunt Beth’s (Claire changed the woman’s mind) urging, she agreed to the surgery.

Big if: If Ally McBeal were to not stay on would you like to see the ever talented Maddie and Serena in some type of spin-off boarding school type of situation?

Not that Mad doesn’t have enough problems in public school; she got caught smoking. Victor sussed it out of her that she wanted to be suspended to avoid father daughter day. Ally offered to go with, after all maybe she could meet some guys, when Maddie said you’ve already got a guy in Victor, Ally protested that they are in different leagues. Victor overheard and quit.

Ally was so thrown by the idea that she might be a snob that she actually asked Nelle for advice, naturally she’s pro-elite. And the biggie surprise when law gal got home she found the snowman in her living room and Larry claiming he was back. Too bad it was a figment of her imagination (but a real guest shot that the media didn‘t know about ahead of time, a miracle in itself). So she decided before she went crazy she ought to give Vic a chance.

Do you think Ally should date Victor even though she and we still have feelings for Larry?

Let’s just say Victor made a very good case for himself. Not only is he always game for a little His Girl Friday banter involving his truck and Ally kicking his butt (must be seen to be thoroughly laughed at). But when Ally had a nervous breakdown of sorts over going on a real date, he was okay with staying in and cooking for her. Oh, and he sang again something really heavenly acoustic along the lines of ‘I Hope I Don’t Fall In Love With You’, putting him totally on par with Larry.

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