Love Is All Around

Season: 5
Episode: 16
Production Code: AM-516
First Air Date: April 15, 2002
Teleplay: David E. Kelley
Story: Roberto Benabib, Constance M. Burge, Cindy Lichtman & David E. Kelley
Director: Arlene Sanford
Song Claire & Jerome Sang: Somethin' Stupid (Robbie Williams & Nicole Kidman do a great version)

# of Times Richard said Bygones: 1

Guest Stars:
Mathew Perry as Todd Marrick
Hayden Panettiere as Maddie
Jon Bon Jovi as Victor Morrison
Christina Ricci as Liza "Lolita" Bump
Dame Edna Everage as Claire Otoms
Loudon Wainwright as Jerome
Albert Hall as Judge Seymore Walsh
Alicia Coppola as Holly Richardson
Michael Gaston as Mr. Horace
Patricia Belcher as ?
Jack Shearer as Judge Rancor
Renee Goldsberry as singer
Sy Smith as a singer
Vatrena King as a singer
Amy Warner as Doctor
Jean Sincere as Mary Ellen
Maggie Egan as Foreperson
Danny Bolero as Waiter
Danel Guzman as Police Man
Eddie Conna as ?
Alan Graf as Cab Driver


Ally dreamt of steam and Victor, a time of standard loveliness for most, but for law gal he represents a sort of hellish normalcy. This is third date jitters. This is Iím still so in love with Larry.

As usual the most important stuff here was Allyís waffling, but letís start with the ho-hum case that felt like it was moving in real time. Nelleís client Holly was a dominating gal not unlike herself who was let go for refusing to soften her edges at a lack of girl power seminar. Cue the opposition Liza Bump (Christina Ricci popping Parker Posey pills) as a Doogie Howser attorney by way of Lolita. Time to bring in the big gun, The Biscuit, last seen playing Mariachi style at a Mexican Restaurant downtown.

While showing impeccable taste in stunt casting, isnít this all a little too Superbowl extravaganza?

Speaking of, Matthew Perry didnít bring any of those vigorous diet coke ads but he did bring the most acidic best of Chandler Bing. His Todd was unflinchingly insulting therefore total eye candy for Ms. McBeal. He was supposedly interviewing for a job (at the supposedly going broke firm) but really he was there to do color commentary on Allyís stagnant love life. He was just in time, she was ripe what with her babysitter dropping dead just as she was at long last ready to lay her hands on Victor.

So Allyís flitting at least had an effect on someone, she prompted Claire to get engaged to Jerome quite on the spur of the moment, the date was set for Saturday. The cavalry decided she should have a pre-nup, meddling Liza sued on behalf of Jerome for some sort of marital interference. Anyway, basically this was just cold feet and the couple decided after a quirky ditty and seeing Claire in her Liberace wedding gown to postpone the nups till June.

Is it fair that Claireís getting more screen time than most of the vets in the cast?

Back to part-time vet John, he was shall we say enthralled by puny Lizaís bag of tricks, what with such nose whistle rivaling activities as attempting to seduce your opponent in a hot tub and crocodile tears on demand. Of course, John did end up winning the case so maybe that was what prompted his generous offer to lease his office to Liza. A bit strange given as heís not a partner in the firm anymore, oh, well.

Back to Ally, surprisingly she didnít hire Todd, he has this other better offer where he only works Thursdays or something. Though she did use him as a neurotic experiment she picked a fight with Victor in order to have guilt free drinks with Todd, her neurotic counterpart. Turns out, so she claimed that she wanted no one of Larryís ilk after all, that she wanted Victor to lay her down in a bed of roses which he did minus the actual roses.

As stated numerous times Victor is endlessly lovely but is anyone truly buying that this thing will last?

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