The Dirty Joke

Episode: 9

Production Code: AM109

First Air Date: November 17, 1997

Writer: David E. Kelley

Director: Daniel Attias

# of Times Richard said Bygones: 3

Recurring Characters:

Jennifer Higgin
Caroline Poop
The Dancing Twins

Guest Stars:

Keene Curtisas Judge Johnson Hawk
Nate Reese as a Clerk


Bullied by Renee into believing herself a reprisal of Julie Andrews, Ally agrees to listen to her friend’s favorite dirty joke to prove she’s no prude. The attorney is horrified when she hears the story of a woman void of a head and arms who is thrown into the sea by a wicked man. Further mortifying Ally is the fact that she seems to be the only one she knows who has a problem with it.

The legacy of Elaine’s non-event lawsuit continues as the erstwhile delivery girl, Jennifer Higgens and her newly adopted lawyer, one Caroline Poop decide that since the women at the office are offended by her overt sexuality, then that translates into an harassment case. As is her gift, Elaine makes a bad situation worse in her deposition by insinuating that Jennifer dresses like a slut and flaunts her body at men.

Meanwhile, as is generally the way things go, Ally digs herself in deeper by agreeing to get up and tell one dirty joke in the bar, if first, Renee’s goes over as a big hit; indeed she has them rolling in the aisles by the time she’s done. Ally manages to beg off until the following night, and even then, only Elaine and Richard find her amusing. For added measure and further humiliation upon seeing the Rabbi Stern, one of the guys she decided to juggle.

The Truth Is Out There: Like any good-looking homophobe male, a similarly minded Georgia gets this idea that most lesbians find her very attractive, and with Caroline Poop constantly eyeing her, she puts two and two together. Finally, Georgia discovers its worse than she fears, Caroline isn’t after her, she’s merely fascinated by the fact that Georgia so closely resembles Barbie and Ally makes a pretty descent Skipper. Georgia, being a sort of non-practicing feminist would rather be Julie Andrews.

Ally shrewdly devises in court that if Elaine’s lawsuit incited Jennifer’s case it should be invalid, since lawsuits are immune from such charges. The judge understood the legal mumbo-jumbo and dismissed the suit, leaving Richard with a slight case of conscience even apologizing to Jennifer for his ogling, very sweet.

Tolerant Rabbi Stern later explained to Ally that he loves dirty jokes and wasn’t offended at all, in fact, he even gave her some tips, apparently fancying himself as some specialist in bad taste.

Ally explains to Billy that the thing she enjoys most about dating the Rabbi is the fact that she knows that things will never work out with them, this seems to her like an edgy attitude, so not Julie Andrews.

Renee and her little bud walk home better friends than ever, cause, gosh, public embarrassment was just the thing missing from their relationship.

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