Body Language

Episode: 14

Production Code: AM114

First Air Date: February 2, 1998

Writer: David E. Kelley

Director: Mel Damski

Recurring Characters:

Judge Whipper Cone
The Dancing Twins

Guest Stars:

Kathleen Wilhoite as Janie Bittner
Lawrence Pressman as Judge Harland Smart
J. Kenneth Campbell as Donald Yorkin
John Thaddeus as Michael Young
Linda Gehringer as Attorney General Janet Reno
David Doty as Minister
Jeffrey Von Meyer as Attorney Skroot
Carrie Stauber as a Female Cop
Evan O'Meara as a Male Cop
Bil Dwyer as the Band Leader
Annika Brindley as a Tory
Eric Mansker as a Bailiff
Nancy Stephens as Dr. Karp


The show begins with the spry Lawyer pushing a group of women (including Renee) out of the as though it’s a sale at Bloomingdale’s and not merely a chance to catch a wedding bouquet. Like a modern day Scarlet, Ally dramatically vows as god is her witness that she will never be a bridesmaid again. She’s also selling a bridge in Brooklyn.

Keeping with the wedding theme, the firm for the love-challenged, sends Ally and Georgia to court so a prisoner (in for life), Michael Young will be able to marry Janie Bittner. The decision is left up to Donald Yorkin, the prison superintendent who would only allow a marriage if there were children and he will not permit any conjugal visits as a way to circumvent his ruling.

At the bar that night, Richard Fish feels a magnetic pull towards Attorney General Janet Reno and when Whipper catches him touching the other woman’s wattle, she dumps him. John shows Richard his smile therapy techniques, sort of a faux happiness to help his friend through the rough time. Fish’s attempts to charm Whipper result in a knee to the groin. How dare he tell her she’s beautiful!

Ally took to The Biscuit’s brand of therapy and immediately uses it on Judge Smart who sees through her act like a piece of cellophane. Moved by Janie’s devotion, Ally wracks her brain for another plan, if Janie was inseminated with her fiancé’s sperm, the baby would lead to the planned marriage.

Ally and Georgia never expected that their law degrees would lead to driving around Boston with a cup of sperm, but that’s exactly what happens. As icing on the cake, they are pulled over for speeding, and the cops investigate what’s in cup, the female knowing immediately.

At the last minute Janie decides she doesn’t want to have a child this way but the superintendent and all around great guy rushes to the rescue allowing them to get married. The couple thanks their lawyers, with Michael stating that they were quite inspirational when it came to filling his cup, causing the ladies to squirm. Everybody lives happily ever-after, except for one of the bridesmaids. Guess who?

Fish and Whipper come to a temporary agreement, they will be in a committed relationship at least until Valentine’s Day. Though just in case, he wore a protective cup. Later as the gang crowds around to watch, in the gently falling snow, Ally dances to a tune playing in that overactive brain of hers. This scene makes little sense, but it’s appealing to look at, so who cares.

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